Product Design and Analysis

Agile Product Design

Onshape, cloud CAD, online collaboration

Optimist is excited to be an early adopter of cloud-based computer aided design for product design.  Using Onshape allows our mechanical engineering design team to communicate with our customers at a speed and level impossible with traditional CAD.

Access Anywhere on Anything

Agile Product Design, Onshape on iPhone, Mobile CAD

Design information can be viewed or edited on any device anywhere in the world.  Multiple people can edit a single design at the same time - anyone can comment directly in the design files to enhance collaboration.

Real Time Design Updates

Online collaboration, real time updates, live updates

While creators and evaluators are viewing the same design live in the cloud, modifications can be discussed immediately (text, phone, video chat) and changes made in real time with continuing discussion to rapidly optimize the concept.

Computational Fluid Dynamics

CFD, Computational Fluid Dynamics, Velocity Streamlines

With any product that operates in a high fluid flow environment, understanding the specifics of the fluid behavior is essential to optimizing performance, erosion resistance, and hydraulic efficiency.

Finite Element Analysis

Finite Element Analysis, FEA, Stress Analysis

An important part of every successful product is to ensure that it is fit for the intended environment.  FEA is a valuable tool to evaluate how operating conditions and environment can affect product design goals.

Design for Manufacturing

Matching Design Intent with Manufacturing Processes

Whether a customized unique build or a large volume production project, the requirements of the manufacturing environment are an essential part of effective design.  Optimist specializes in matching design intent with manufacturability to optimize each product.